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He denied paternity of our last child, insisted on DNA —Wife

AbimbolaThe union between Folashade Abimbola and Idowu Abimbloa has been dissolved by Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Folashade had dragged her husband to court, praying it to bring to an end their 14-year-old marriage. The plaintiff in her divorce suit accused her husband of being irresponsibile. She added that he was always beating her.

She pleaded with the court if her prayer was answered to grant her custody of their three kids because her husband cared less about them. She further appealed to the court to wake her husband up to his responsibilities by ordering him to make available fund for their children’s upkeep and education.

“My lord, my husband is ruthless and almost killed me while under his roof. He was fond of beating me with a belt and would not let go until I bled.

“He never gave me attention nor showed any care for the 14 years we were married. I can’t remember us ever sitting together to discuss issues concerning our marriage or the children while I found it hard sharing my thoughts with him. I lived in perpetual fear throughout all these years because I couldn’t predict him.

“He also doesn’t have respect for my parents and was always rude to them whenever they tried to mediate in our differences while I was with him, “she said.

“He once threw my belongings out after we fought and I rented an apartment and was there with our kids for three weeks. He came apologising and begging me that I moved back home which I did because of our children but he didn’t change.

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“We fought again and he almost killed me. I bled profusely as a result of the injury I sustained during the fight. I got him arrested by the police and the issue was later resolved. I left his house voluntarily and moved to my parents’ house with our kids to avert sudden death due to his constant beatings but he will not let me be.

“My lord, he still comes there to fight me. He now denies paternity of our last child and insisted we do a DNA test. The last time he came, he beat me and my father and hurled stones at us, “she told the court.

“My lord, my wife is adulterous. My children told me she used to bring her lover home when I’m on night duty. They added that she used to cook her lover’s food on the gas cooker while she cooked that of our children and mine on the stove. According to these children, this man regularly spent the night with her.

“When I confronted my wife with this information, she denied it. She told me the man did come to our place to charge his phone. She went to report me to this man who is a habitual Indian hemp smoker and he had since then threatened to kill me.

“She was used to calling this her lover on phone even when I was at home. There was a day he peeped through our window and called her out. She left everything she was doing and went with him.

“I reported her to her parents who made excuses for her.

“We fought because she refused to change and she left for her parents’ house. I went to appeal to her to come back home but she insisted I must prostrate to her lover and ask for his forgiveness before she agreed to return home and this I did.

“She moved back to my house but later moved back again to her parents’.

“She lied that I neglected our children. I dotted on them and made available their needs. They reported their mother to me because they love me.

“She and her parents have been denying me access to our kids since she moved in with them. The last time I went to check on them her father raised a false alarm by calling me a thief. Few days after this, I was served a court summon, ‘he concluded.

Ruling after listening to the evidence given by both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their marriage and ordered that the two children produced by the union be in the defendant’s care.


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