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  • 7 months ago

Tell this boy to pay up the people them money. A mi friend brother so me all up in it cause people must not be so wicked and evil. Tek the boi money and a try hide him out. Karma look like it start tek yuh already anyways.

Now he had a friend who we grew up in the same neighborhood and migrated to America. He wanted to start a business and contacted my bro for help.
He would borrow small amount of money to invest and pay my brother back on time. But I feel that was the trick. Cause them after he borrow a big wappin $8000 US dollars. And the naive person my brother is he lent it to him after we warn him but because he pay him bk when he borrowed the small amount it soften my brother who lent him after having him sign a contract. Now it’s been almost a year and my brother is yet to receive 4400 of his money from this con man. My brother went to America for school with no family support but my mom bk in jamaica and work his self up to where he is now. If I tell y’all his story unuh cry. Cause all when him pocket and tummy empty him in class same way in a foreign county. And said don’t tell Mommy cause I don’t want her to fret and cry. So please pay back my brother so he can have my mom reap the benefits of her hard labor. People just wicked and unfair and don’t know how people struggle to reach where them is.

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  • Damn! !Sue him for a bigger amount. .no two ways about it.

    Yardielovethug February 5, 2018 10:54 am Reply

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