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I thought it would be ideal to begin our meetings with our beliefs because it seriously impacts how we communicate spiritually.

I believe in Jesus and I also believe in assigned angels. As a child I was sent to church while my mom stayed home. As I got older the church seemed as if it was not the place for me because it could not feed my spirit which caused my soul to be malnourished.

What I was handed was the religion of my ancestors and leaving the church helped me to see why church made me uncomfortable. Church will not save you if your ancestors have handed you over to their deities.
Do you truly believe in the religion you have chosen, how has it worked for you?
What are your spiritual experiences and are you being challenged enough spiritually?
Why do you believe in what you believe in lets talk………..

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  • I’m quite confused about Religion in GENERAL..Most confusing to me is our perception of heaven and hell and the real truth. I dont believe in black magic/ santeria ect but I do believe it may truly exist..I strongly believe there is a God, of that I’m sure. @least the one I pray to.

    Highly Concerned August 24, 2018 9:35 pm Reply
    • I believe in the separation of souls so I do believe in heaven and hell. Some people die and they do go on to a better place but some souls to me are left in limbo and cause havoc.

      Met August 24, 2018 9:41 pm Reply
  • I believe in Jesus and no longer fellowship the way I used to. Through reading the Word, I now know that I am the church and where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there in their midst. I am also aware that I am no longer under a turtle because I have found faith. I remember being the only one in the household going to church and wondered “if church is so good, why am I the only one going”? Prior to giving my time, mind and heart to God, I suffered from a terrible odor, and I anointed my vagina with consecrated oil that I blessed, and the odor left. Reading the Bible makes me know that I am Ezekiel and have the ability to prophesie over any and all dry bones in my life. I was bed bound and one day after reading Psalm 35, I was lifted up and restored. My love life was resurrected at the age of 33, which was one of my many struggles in life. I should have been deported years ago, but God blocked out so many things that should have been seen by man.
    So much more to share…

    Anonymous August 24, 2018 11:11 pm Reply
  • I considered myself to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. I was raised a Seventh Day Advent. Going to church every Sabbath is a must within my household, but for some reason I feel empty. I have been told on numerous occasions that I have an “awaken” eye, I see things played out exactly before it happened. Due to the fact that I am still searching and trying to find my purpose in this life’s journey… I do not profess to be a “prophetess”. Instead, I am asking God to bless me with spiritual insight. I am a bit scared, at times, especially when the visions I envision becomes reality. Nonetheless, I believe in God and that He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, but for whatever reason the church cannot satisfy the hunger I have for seeking the spiritual realm. I feel weird and shy to mention this “drive” within my circle, but I believe deep down once I understand the spiritual realm and it works, I will be able to align why things happened the way it does in the naked eye.

    MiNuhCare August 24, 2018 11:46 pm Reply
    • Regular church cannot feed the soul or spirit. As children of God we were given power and gifts that in today’s word people dont recognize

      Met August 25, 2018 1:25 am Reply
  • I grew up believing in christianity, like most of us. However, the more I grew, the more I yearned for more knowledge. I always wondered who wrote the Bible and how they knew the inspiration was from God. I sought out Christianity from the historical standpoint and not just from what I was told from birth. I found out that it was created by the Council of Nicea. Go look that up. In summary, it was a set of white men from Europe who had meetings and agreed how Christianity is and what the rules would be. Digging deeper, I found out that our ancestors were robbed of their religions and beliefs and forced to follow Christianity. It was used as a means to keep slaves in check. That alone made me lose all faith and belief in it. When I think about it, if my ancestors didn’t fight against slave-masters and their Christian doctrine, we wouldn’t be free as blacks today, as the white man mad sure to include scriptures in the Bible that instilled fear in slaves, e.g., a verse that says a slave should worship their slave-master as they would Jesus. Dem ting deh make me pree deep.

    I believe that there is a creator/God who is omnipresent, however, no one knows who or what this supreme being is. I also believe that our African ancestors had the true connection to the creator before white men and arabs pillaged our continent and our people and erased our knowledge, forcing their religion on us. Every religion in the world has the same exact story, which originated in Ancient Egypt. All a dem have a prophet. Everybody just remixed them specific story to suit their race and creed, but our original story was destroyed. All stories come from the story of Amen-Ra(where christianity got “Amen” from) from Egypt. Christians named him Jesus and made him white, Buddhists made him Chinese and named him Buddha, and Muslims made him Middle Eastern and named him Muhammad. The only lost prophet story wha sweep under the rug is that of the original Amen-Ra.

    Anyways, me just live mi life, do good so that good can follow me(karma and good/bad energy is real), give the creator thanks, help my fellow human-beings as best as I can, and take care of my family, so as to prolong humanity, which is what we all are here to do.

    Pro August 25, 2018 2:34 am Reply
  • Yeshua who you call jesus is a hebrew he was raised in Nazareth and as a nazarene he held certain orders..\
    1. A nazarene is a dedicated servant of the Most Hi..\
    2. A nazarene grow their hair as a dreadlocks as did samson who had 7 locks…\
    The jews of today are converted jews, they converted to our religion and up hold the orders, look at a jew and you\
    will see they have 2 dreadlocks one on each side, that is because they know the order of a nazarene…\
    Now many original hebrews where taken from North Africa and brought to Jamaica, but not all Jamaicans are true\
    hebrews as some who where caught came from other tribes (not from the 12 tribes of Israel), these where our enemies\
    they where very badmind & grudgeful of Israel… Over the years now in Jamaica the foreign tribes have blended in with the true hebrews and have contaminated the blood, thats one reason we are so confused, however the true blood will reign…\
    When the imperial masters tell us that most slaves where taken from west Africa that is a LIE, most of the slaves where\
    captured from all of North Africa and brought to west afrika to be traded and sold on and transported. Thats why they can trace the blood line to west Africa, not because we are from there but because we where brought there to be sold to the caucasians into slavery awaiting to be shipped to the caribbean and USA.\
    It was the arabs (not all arabs), those from Iraq and saudi arabia who came across into north Africa and conquered us with brutality, sold us into slavery and now occupy our land from Israel/Judah, Egypt/Kemit, Morocco, Tunisia and even up to now they are in North Sudan..\
    The plan was the arabs take over from the North and the english take it from the South as they started in south Africa with Botha…\
    Examples of countries being taken over are: Australia- the aborignes, USA- the Red Indians….\

    Anonymous August 25, 2018 8:45 am Reply
  • I believe in Jesus and grew up and still worship in the traditional church but have tapped into higher realms and revelations. In 2010 in the USA, I went thru an awakening, so powerful that I thought my body and mind would not contain the manefestation of the powers. I’m still processing that period of my life and would ask God to please explain to me why I had to go thru that journey but over the past 8 years God has unfold enough to let me trust the process.. The only thing that kept me strong and 90% sane at that time was the messages from assigned angel/spirit that would visit me plain as man and taught me things ( not by spoken words but by transferring from themselves to my brain. They comfort and assure me that this was a spiritual awakening and I would survive. My family saw a mad woman and I was committed to an institution for 7 days. I was scared and thought I would be institutionalized for life, as I saw people who should not be there, but their rights were signed over to husbands/wives,. the spirits assure me that not an once of medicine would be given to me and surely the doctor told my family (after numerous testing) that there is nothing physically/ psychologically wrong with me . Many doctors are gifted cause when I look in two doctors faces, we sure telepathy many messages. Eventtuallu, one doctors said just stay calm, this will be over soon but if you continue to be aggressive and shouting, social worker gonna write a damning report. I understand him clearly and humble myself and in 7 days I was discharged and given back full control of my life. Out of this process I realize a lot of people are Committed to Bellvue (sp) by husbands, etc, when In fact is a spiritual journey they went thru. I would pray constantly and at times while being assessed by doctors ( learn to pray in your mind people, the bag a noise nuh necessary sometimes lol) I am praying for God to confuse the decisions makers. I have much more to share but when the time is right. I have been taught the keen spirit of observation and now I teach my kids and familiy how to identify their gifts in life ( we all have dem) and identify wicked people. Let us learn to keep our mouth shut and our other senses open. Word of wisdom: that’s why we have two of every other sense/portal pon we face but one mouth lol). I’m still a baby in the spirit world, forever a child/student. Selah

    Anon August 25, 2018 12:10 pm Reply

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