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  • 6 months ago

This girl chin_daboss her file too long but I know for a fact she is sleeping with Nick Klean thanks to Nick fake cousin fat felesha aka felfel . Chin baby father Youngy aka Chris him leave her cause she’s a big whore sleep with all him friends them did warn him but him still breed her and stay with her but know he breed another girl and have baby and left the other girl too. Young is another case him swear him ago turn big dancehall star he’s an idiot . Anyway Word on the street is that youngy son Big Chris is not his (allegedly) . Anyways I see my own eyes nick and chin inna gold star last week when me in the line and he holding her up slapping her ass and kiss her that’s facts . So I know she f**ing him and felesha set it up cause she and chin turn big fren and on the road stealing and chin stole some stuff from Zara for nick and his daughters . Munchie say felesha tell her this heard it from muchie big mouth .

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  • Chin is physco any girl youngy talk to she want to fight them. My girl youngy have you running around like you madd him stay with a new bitch cause you crazy asf he tired of you he even breed a next gal. Everyday chin get up and throw words my girl move on stop fight off every gal that is with your baby daddy you look stupid. You ugly your face long like horse and you don’t look good. Youngy left you alone cause you can’t get your shit together who wants a girl like you… I’m glad him breed a next gal it must ah bun up chin dwl girl take care of your two kids and stop war over the man him chat you like what. Nobody want you cause you are crazy you want to fight the whole Bronx before you humble yourself and move on youngy don’t look at you ever he just f**k you when he want then dash you to the side. Leave the man and his new girl/babymother alone move the f**k on you sick motherf**ker go work. Youngy stay away from her she needs help she is mentally disturbed she don’t even care about her kids out here fighting every second your so sad chin your a walking disgrace no sah

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 1:03 pm Reply
  • It is very hard to steal from Zara, why risk stealing from stores, that when you wash 2 times it fall apart.

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 1:24 pm Reply
  • Oshein why u mad

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 1:29 pm Reply
  • okkkkkkkkkk, so she and her baby father done (and he moved on and as well) and she find a next man. what’s the problem? yall so simple i swear. you want her to stay there and keep claiming him and take bun?

    Confused February 22, 2018 2:26 pm Reply
  • Man clown osheen top send In chin she nah top fuk nick Clean.

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 3:25 pm Reply
  • But Youngy is no prize he look malnourished he need some ensure or apetamin he’s so boney and he’s not cute . He don’t work nowhere so he’s no prize either . furthermore Youngy can’t shame chin because he knew she was a big slut and still f**k and eat her out so he can’t say anything about her he’s just as nasty . Nick Klean is one nasty ugly lizard he need to go check himself out at the clinic cause I’m sure he have something because his name call up pon too much whore like himself he has no class and neither does the women that sleep with him raw yuck …Bronx uptown is one nasty cesspool or nasty women and men they all need a cure and to stop passing off incurable diseases . The last I heard chin was a home health aide she stop to theif . Chin I thought you were putting your nasty life together and moving on from your hoe days you gone back to it Sis

    Carmeia February 22, 2018 4:18 pm Reply
  • Youngy did a dna because he know chin is a big slut he definitely did a dna because he wouldn’t be minding no kid that’s not his . He take care of Chris unlike chin . Youngy provide for Chris and love him unlike chin . I think chin jealous cause Youngy love Chris and not her lmaoo

    Carmeia February 22, 2018 4:21 pm Reply
  • Lee and Krystal y’all could of post a better pic and I said what I said ur son ugly bad ‍♀️

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 4:45 pm Reply
  • Chin look like a donkey stay very bad she keep running down youngy and he don’t look at her and this is facts. She is far from cute. If nick clean babymother want to put chin up who cares that’s what happens when you f**k someone else man people will disgrace you. Chin can’t get over youngy he run her all the time

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 5:08 pm Reply
  • Stop make this ugly girl feel like she is someone cause she is extra lame

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 5:25 pm Reply
  • Chin nick and youngy not claiming you. You will never win cause your alone and depressed you not making no one jealous with them ugly pics you be posting you ugly bad. Pleas go have a seat in the ugly corny section cause you been played out and out of style. No looks at you you get fat and out of shape you. Chin you use to be half decent now you just full blown ugly

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 5:32 pm Reply
  • But wait…last year she was f**king nick klean bestie troy kool so how her pussy a run weh left her so my girl u really are a big time slut.

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 7:03 pm Reply
    • The only decent girl I ever see Youngy talk to was @j_adoreshai she Shai Ann is pretty and she is a nurse now she always had her head on her shoulders but Youngy cheat too much he f**k bare nasty sluts like chin on Shai Ann and Shai was the prettiest classiest chick his ugly ass ever talked to . I don’t know what she seen in him he love sluts leave him with them Mek them spread they germs

      Carmeia February 23, 2018 12:28 am Reply
  • Chin put all her time and effort into fighting bitches but not into her kids real man mascot… you love call and cuz youngy girls out where is your ambition??? One man can turn you into clown. Stop run behind Felicia she have a car and her own place and her shit somewhat together while they laugh at you

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 7:29 pm Reply
  • Stop walk and talk about people kids cause your youngest son is slow and and your oldest is socially awkward…. how could you so down and chat people kids when your kids is far from cute and slow looking like you… stop talk about the people dem kids you don’t like no one talk about your kids you abandoned so stop talk about there’s with your nasty life style

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 7:33 pm Reply
    • Lee sound handicap Thts all.. and u big mad now wassup

      Anonymous February 22, 2018 9:41 pm Reply
  • Walking shithouse dat

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 7:33 pm Reply
  • @ Osheen U not winning either u fuking someone else man retarded cunt

    Anonymous February 22, 2018 8:07 pm Reply
  • EVEYBADDY BUSY….lollolol. the man dem a frig fi teefing clothes,, an the zara tings no wut rass

    maddkees February 22, 2018 9:18 pm Reply
  • The sender is right met felesha was the one who set up chin and Nick klean together, and yes felesha is Nick klean fake cousin. Nick klean even said he f**k felesha too before troyboy was f**king that big fat bitch. Felesha chat chin all the time, plus felesha ain’t no friend to anyone she par wid. Felesha thank God for section 8 and help from the government,because you behave as if you rich, Since you so call rich why you still thiefing clothes an a sell for all these yrs and still a thief clothes a mine
    man. Chin is not no psycho sender because she not winning. Chin is a dumb bitch not a bad gal and all she doing is throwing words on fb and Instagram all day, calling youngy gal them phone so she not frighten a soul but herself, bout mad smh. She soon buck up pon a mad bitch that youngy gonna be f**king and I hope she have all the mouth then cause she ain’t out here winning no fights to be call a mad gal. The second girl youngy got pregnant was a nice looking better girl by far fi chin, plus till this day chin still mad that he got the girl pregnant. Chin you looking all this attention and not even a high school diploma yuh have or a job. every party yuh deh rite back a felesha wid fi har stay bad self, down to troyboy left she and she still a walk and a watch him. Felesha babyfather got deported and back in the U.S and not even him a look pon felesha she fraid of her babyfather Face, he from the (Lords abroad Crew) him nuh play fi beat her up anywhere but a troyboy she did have straight fah. might as well troyboy go back to his babymother cause she doing good and him still love her. Chin yuh pussy shit up and yuh mouth f**k out, go get your own apt and stop walk back a felesha. Unuh life sad like funeral. all unuh talk abt is unuh pussy and unuh pussy cheap and it naah mek no man stay wid unuh or even buy unuh a house or rent some where put unuh fi seh him a help out pay some bills. Yall uptown bitches need a life and a hobby. Chin stop beat up yuh keyboard now lmaoo youngy been move on bitch. Youngy own a family them hate yuh and chat how yuh nasty, Nasty gal.

    June February 22, 2018 10:20 pm Reply
  • both of you retarded cause nick is a f**k boy nobody man

    real talk February 22, 2018 11:52 pm Reply
  • damn a nu macaroni– a chin them a talk

    tiadathistorass February 23, 2018 1:43 am Reply

    REAL TALK February 23, 2018 5:26 am Reply
  • nick cocky too busy cant stand the suck pussy boy he thinks he all that f*king gay ass nick you cocky duty sit your broke ass down

    tired of it February 23, 2018 6:31 am Reply
  • To sender tiadathistorass yo mi ah dead no sah chin you seh macaroni

    Anonymous February 23, 2018 7:22 am Reply
  • i dont feel sorry fi nick klean pitney mada cause he had his ooman too and she guh breed two time from people man so mek di next gal give a run fi har money. and di man dont even look good dem get rick and breed. these young gal these dont even know what a real money man look like, dont know how a real man suppose to treat u. just cocky and pussy competition dem a run dung. wish yall luck with the STD’s.

    real chat 2 February 23, 2018 8:41 am Reply
  • felesha and nick is not cousin and yes him f@@k her a same so she a say the under cover fu@k box dem a CT a her family she nuh stop say how dem love beg clothes and want her poop ina when she take it off. The jetset them a laugh after them girls fr CT, she chat them everyday and when she ready she a put her up my Aunty and all a say how she a look Starboy Nick her one time man. Felesha Bad with her mouth. one Time I buy a dress AND IT STINK AND Tina say a under her she put the clothes them.

    Anonymous February 23, 2018 9:34 am Reply
  • All uncle too a f**k her too

    Goodas a February 23, 2018 2:03 pm Reply
  • Lmao Chin this Chin that unni mek the worst set of people bother ya !!!!! Stay deh and make CHIN A TING

    NoSah February 24, 2018 5:08 pm Reply
  • Damn this girl get around. She f**king One Of My Old niggas right now. Idk Nick, Youngy, Chris or whoever but I do KNOW CHIN. She taking Too much Penis right now. Need to get her life together. She stay arguing with people baby mother.

    Sweets February 26, 2018 5:59 am Reply

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