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MEMORY VERSE: GENESIS 8;1- And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the castle that was with him in the Ark, and God made a wind to pass over the earth and the water as swaged.
Man consistently broke every single commandments given by God with first one in. Genesis 1:28.
There was an outpouring of satanic activity. Gen 6:2. All humans have become depraved to wickedness both in words and deeds. Genesis 6:5-11 and it repented the Lord that He had made man on earth. Because His creation has ceased to reflect the glory of God. Revelation 4:11. This made God to change towards man and determined to destroy man by mighty flood. The flood was to last for 120 years.
God called Noah, to build an ark that would measure 450 by 75ft. This is the Grace of God upon the life of Noah.
God told Noah to build this ark because He wanted to destroy the world with the flood.
Noah moved without asking questions. Most times God speaks to us, do you carry it out? Or when God speaks through His servants.
That was why Noah was building the ark and preaching about repentance. People were leaving in the pleasure of sin. Make haste while sun shines, don’t allow yourself to be used and———be destroyed by the enemies or the altar of your father’s house.
God will deliver you in Jesus name. God told Noah to cover the ark with a “Pitch” In and Out. The word “Pitch” is a Hebrew word “Kaphar” meaning Atonement.
Exodus 30:10- Atone is to cover with the blood. That means the Blood “Pitch protected the ark.
So also, the blood of Jesus protects the believers from sin and evil. Noah and his family were saved and animals entered in place of other human beings because of the hardness of their heart.
When you hear the word of God, do you take it to heart, do you obey and carry it out. Genesis 7:1, Revelation 22:17.
God remembered Noah in the ark. After the flood, God commanded Noah to be fruitful and multiply- and made a covenant that He would not destroy the earth again.
 God established rainbow
 The order and seasons of nature are confirmed. Genesis 8:22
God would never again destroy the earth through the flood. Genesis 8:21-22 Genesis 9:9-17.
You can also make a covenant with God to walk with Him.

a) How many families entered into the ark?
b) What is Covenant?
c) What does the rainbow stands for?


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